Our Vision

We envision a world where all humans in this planet hold a healthy life by adding natural ingredients for their daily food.

Our Mission

We as humans, contribute to maintain a healthier human lifestyle by encouraging of adding natural ingredients into daily food.

Our Objectives

Organic Products

Produce Organic spices, coconuts and fish products

Quality Products

Add an extra value to enhance the quality of our products

Natural Ingredients

Promote Ceylon spices, natural ingredients all over the world

Reasonable Price

Maintain a reasonable price for all our products

Highest Responsible

Meet customer expectations in highest responsible manner

Healthy Products

Choosing nutritious foods helps your health

Ancient cultures and societies heavily used herbs, natural ingredients for their daily food. All humans in this world need to have herbal enriched food for healthier lifestyle.

WelCome to Goldman International

We as herbs exporting organization in Sri Lanka, our corporate family is fully dedicated to produce natural herbs especially in organic form for all the humans in this planet using internationally accepted standards and methodologies.
Our entire herbs manufacturing and packaging process is conducted and driven according to internationally recognized certifications, and those are accredited by the internationally certified bodies.
We as a certified herbs manufacturing and exporting organization, our main objective is to export quality herbs products worldwide for maintaining healthy human lifestyle.


organic farming

Dr. Edward E. Shook

Advanced Treatise on Herbology.

Dr. Edward E. Shook While the plant is growing, an enormous amount of electrical or vital energy is absorbed into the different parts of the plant. It is first generated by the sun, diffused through the atmosphere, the water and the earth; and the plants select what they need to build acids, alkaline, phosphates, carbonates, chlorides, glycerides, oils, fats, waxes and so forth.
In this profoundly wonderful vegetable kingdom that covers the earth with beauty, perfume and flavor, there is every conceivable requirement for every living creature, even to the breath of life. Plants arrange themselves into families, choose their own habitation and select their own food. Through long study of the chemistry of soil and plants we are able to predict what we shall find stored away in the leaves, roots, barks and fruits of particular plants for the purpose of supplying our own bodies with the specific material and specific energy we require.

Goldman International Family

Leslie Edirisinghe

Leslie Edirisinghe

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